Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions

With over 75 years of collective experience in global wholesale distribution, clinical trials, and pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device sales, the PCCS executive leadership team brings a host of industry knowledge and connections to our customers, operations, and patients.

Medical & Surgical Supplies

From the lab to bedside, PCCS has developed key relationships with major medical and surgical manufacturers, giving us access to specific products for your healthcare needs.

Medical Devices

Medical Device equipment and disposables are essential to our customers and their patients. PCCS has direct distribution agreements in place to ensure we can meet our customer’s needs.


The pharmaceutical market can be challenging in today’s market. As an ever-dynamic space, PCCS stays on top of understanding supply and demand to meet customer satisfaction.


PCCS takes pride in working with you and not just being a transactional company. Every product we deliver comes with service to exceed expectations. In addition, we have the experts that can work with you on improving your supply chain.

Community Outreach

Caring for our community is at the heart of our mission. From the start, PCCS has been dedicated to educating and engaging the community.